Five important reasons why women should study engineering

According to the WISE campaign, the number of women in engineering has almost doubled in the last decade. The realm of engineering is constantly evolving, as well as becoming increasingly important in our world. There are so many great reasons for women to be involved in this exciting and diverse field of study, with an array of thriving career opportunities available. We round up five of the top reasons why women should study engineering.

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1. Employers want female engineers

The work place (and the world) thrives on diversity and balance. There is a big discrepancy between the amount men vs. women in engineering professions, so as a minority, women are highly sought after and valued. You’ll be appreciated not only for your wonderful skills, but for the insight you can bring to the profession. At BCU, our employment rates are exceptional – 97.4 per cent of engineering graduates went into either employment and/or further study.* The future is bright for women in engineering.

2. You’ll make a difference in the world

Engineers use their problem solving skills to confront many of the world’s biggest concerns, so you’ll have the opportunity to create new technologies that will improve the way we live. For example, you could be creating new medical devices for patients, devising ways of providing clean water to those who have no access, or even developing more efficient cars and homes in order to help sustain our planet. Essentially, as an engineer, you can help to save lives and the possibilities are endless.

3. Engineers are paid well

Not only does engineering offer women the opportunity to have a flourishing and rewarding career, but it will also pay you well. The average salary for a BCU engineering graduate who went into full-time paid employment was £24,900** and this can continue to rise as you gain more experience.

5 Important reasons why women should study engineering

4. You get to be creative

Studying and working in engineering gives you the chance to get inventive. You get to design, construct and create effective new products and technologies that solve real life problems in new and more efficient ways. Plus, you can collaborate with professionals in other industries and sectors to produce impactful, innovative and original work.

5. You’ll have plenty of career options

As the world continues to rely on technology, an engineering degree equips you with skills that are essential to our way of living. This gives you license to explore a huge range of roles that will help you discover your dream job, anywhere in the world. Plus, for women in STEM, there are many opportunities to organise your working hours to suit you, so life as an engineer can also offer great flexibility. Our graduates have entered a variety of professional positions, from design engineers to project managers.

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* Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education survey 2016/17
** Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education survey 2015/16