Adnan Fazal

Portrait of  Adnan Fazal

Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

School of Engineering and the Built Environment - BE

Dr Adnan Fazal received his first formal qualification in engineering (HNC/HND Diploma) from the Polytechnic Institute in his home town Swat (Pakistan) and followed this with an apprenticeship in industry. Adnan pursued his higher education in the UK, completing a BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering and PhD in engineering at the University of Hull.

He began his research career in the field of advanced engineering materials at the University of Hull, where he investigated polymer fracture toughness with an emphasis on fracture mechanics and the processing of materials. As a Research Fellow at the University of Southampton, his research focused on polymers mechanics and processing of crosslinking. At the Tony Davies High Voltage Laboratory (University of Southampton) he developed insulation material for advanced new generation high voltage DC cables using cross-linked polyethylene for enhanced breakdown performance. This work had a particular focus on the influence of polymer morphology and in particular its effects on the electrical, mechanical and thermal properties of the material.

His current research interests include pre-stressed fibre reinforced polymers for improved strength, stiffness, impact protection, resistance to crack propagation and protection against abnormal loads. Potential applications of these smart fibre reinforced polymers include crashworthy structures (automotive), aerofoil morphing structures (aerospace), light-weight blast-resistant (impact protection), medical (dental restoration and prosthetic devices), wind turbine blades and safety and sports apparel.

Areas of Expertise