Project timeline and design

Digi-Doc will develop an international doctoral training hub that will become a virtual ‘centre’ of excellence for applied doctoral research in Education.

Digi-Doc will deliver the following outcomes:

  • An international blended programme, the EdD-I that is responsive to the needs of teachers in China, Indonesia and Vietnam and designed to be delivered collaboratively between partners
  • A Digi-Doc online supervisor training programme, benchmarked to a UK accredited programme, that supports development of leading edge skills and expertise in supervising ‘close to practice research’
  • networked international community of doctoral students and supervisors with a shared commitment to the value of ‘close to practice’ research.

Like the EdD programme on which it is based the EdD-I will be a 4-6 year doctoral programme. In years 1 and 2 students undertake 4 ‘taught’ modules. This is followed by a 50,000 thesis focussing on a challenge emerging directly from the student’s practice. As outlined above the project will be undertaken in six workstreams. 

Project timeline

These outcomes will be achieved through six workstreams over the three-and-a-half year period:

Workstream 1 (April-May 2021): Set up phase.

Workstream 2 (June 2021 – Nov 2021): Review and Knowledge Exchange.

Review of existing provision for professionals wanting to study for part-time doctorates. Collecting examples of inspiring practices. Summary report/case study for each partner.

Workstream 3 (Dec 2021 – Oct 2022): Development

Development of modules for the EdD-I curriculum and international version of the supervisor training programme.

Workstream 4 (Nov 2022 – Aug 2023): Piloting

Piloting of the EdD-I and two iterations of the supervisor programme

Workstream 5 (Sept 2023 – Oct 2024): Evaluation and Validation

Evaluation will be undertaken throughout the project.

Workstream 6 (Nov 2021 – Oct 2024): Dissemination

Dissemination of project work through conference presentations (IPDA/UKCGE) special edition of CSPACE journal, paper in PRACTICE and final conference.