Educators In Educational Governance In Birmingham

Teacher addressing the room

The project will be led by Dr. Abdulla Sodiq (Education Studies Lecturer and Researcher, BCU) and supported by two other researchers, Dr. Andy Allen (Middlesbrough College and Open University) and Mrs. Bernadette Reilly (BCU doctoral student).

The data collection would involve all governors from each institution voluntarily filling in a 15 minute survey form (online) and one interview with the teaching staff governor (online).

The initial findings will be reviewed by the research team, research mentors, Professor Rob Smith, Professor Matt O’Leary and commented on by experienced professionals, practitioners and researchers from BELMAS (The British Educational Leadership Management and Administration Society), The National Governance Association, Advance-HE and teaching professional associations/unions. The official findings and the project report will be shared and discussed with the participant schools, colleges and universities, with a view to improving governance practice in the education sector in Birmingham area. There will be no focus or evaluation of a particular institution but we will share any specific examples of practice across the institutions anonymously for best governance practice.

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