Research projects

The core research mission of PERG is to interrogate and challenge dominant ideologies, practices and discourses in the field of teacher education/teacher learning, with a view to creating conceptual, theoretical and methodological approaches with practitioners and learner. 

PERG has a broad research interest and remit, including:

  • To act as a forum for academic and practitioner research and activity in teacher/teaching education in all its forms
  • To develop work in key themes of local, national, and international interest in teacher/teaching education for practitioners, researchers, students, young people, education users, parents, communities, policy-makers and legislators
  • To research and develop innovative, boundary pushing pedagogies and/or methodologies of teacher learning
  • To explore creative methodologies across disciplines and fields on teacher/teaching education and teacher education research
  • To work with practitioners, students, education users, education providers, policy-makers and legislators to explore and investigate the interface between policy and practice in teacher/teaching education
  • To work with practitioners as researchers and build practitioner research capability
  • To support the development of practitioner knowledge production
  • To establish and sustain practitioner cultures that are developmental, reflexive and critical
  • To provide discursive and research fora for teachers, academics and students that are orientated towards the production of resources of hope
  • To organise local, national and international research events, activities and groups concerned with teacher/teaching education


That's Me: Eliminating barriers to postgraduate research study in the West Midlands

Birmingham City University is proud to partner with the University of Wolverhampton to deliver  That’s Me! Eliminating barriers to postgraduate research study in the West Midlands , a highly prestigious project funded by the UKRI and Office of Students as part of a nationwide programme to  Widen participation in postgraduate research – UKRI.

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Aimhigher Plus: Stakeholder project

What has been the impact of the Uni Connect programme across the West Midlands partnership on participating students, t...

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Building a Diverse Practitioner Learning Environment

This PAR project aims to build a new practitioner research team to generate meaningful research evidence on the barrier...

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Aimhigher Plus: The impact of regional partnership and collaboration

Understanding the impact and effectiveness of the Aim Higher Plus partnership relations and how these contribute to the...

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Teacher Educators Digital Hub (TEDH): Supporting the digital transformation of teacher education in Viet Nam

This project is supporting pedagogical universities in Viet Nam to provide digital resources and skills to meet the nee...

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Enhancing Learning and Teaching Quality through Collaborative Observation

A practice-led project that is underpinned by the belief that improving the student learning experience starts by impr...

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Pedagogies of hybridity in the post-pandemic university

Experiences, expectations and possibilities for learning and engagement in education. This research examines students’ ...

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Digi-Doc: Digital Doctorate Training Hub

BCU has pioneered an innovative ‘close to practice’ professional doctorate programme in Education, the EdD, and the UK...

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Socially Distant Stories from Beyond the Screen

The Socially Distant Stories is an ethnographic exploration about the impact of a hybrid theatre in education approach ...

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Using vignettes to explore how supervisors and students clarify expectations during doctoral studies

The research will explore which strategies and resources are being used and how useful these are to student outcomes. ...

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Co-MAP: Investigating Covid-19's impact on vulnerable young people

The Co-MAP project responds to the urgent need to understand the impacts of Covid-19 in relation to the most vulnerabl...

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Educators In Educational Governance In Birmingham

The planned research project aims to explore the ways in which practising educators contribute to the governance of Bir...

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Enhancing the transition of non-traditional students ENTRANTS

There is robust empirical evidence that students lacking a “sense of belonging” within higher education is one of the m...

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Re-thinking curricula: STEAM education from early years through to higher education

This project will explore the interaction between STEAM subjects and their inherent creativity to better understand th...

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