Tools and Resources

The EnPOWER team recognises that transformations in gender relations can create conditions of threat and uncertainty for some actors within established communities. Whilst recognising that challenge is sometimes a necessary dimension of facilitating change the project will take a discursive, pedagogical approach to managing change that emphasises collective learning about behaviours and values and minimises confrontation. This will be achieved through deployment of a number of key strategies that draw on the literature of change management:

  1. An evidence based approach that generates a shared need by emphasising the benefits of diversity in leadership that has been demonstrated in the research literature;
  2. A non-adversarial approach to communication that emphasises learning, persuasion and winning consent rather than confrontation and emphasises the benefits of gender equality to all stake-holders;
  3. Mobilising commitment through tactical use of brokerage and advocacy making the best use of key allies, of all genders, in our existing extensive networks who can work as advocates and champions to broker support, nurture new leaders and role-model ‘good allieship’;
  4. Peer support and guidance from the EnPOWER CoP to support successful, solutions orientated navigation of challenging situations for individuals and enabling participants to anchor change in systems and structures within their spheres of influence.

All the above will be supported by access to tools and resources freely available on the EnPOWER website.