Dr Fadia Dakka

Fadia Dakka staff profile

Senior Research Fellow, Deputy Director of CSPACE

School of Education and Social Work
0121 331 4658

Dr. Fadia Dakka studied International Relations (BA, MA) at Bologna University (Italy) and King’s College London (MA) before obtaining a Doctorate in Social Sciences from the School for Policy Studies at the University of Bristol. Her thesis examined the 2012 English Higher Education Policy reforms, theorising marketisation and competition as the key drivers of its ongoing institutional, cultural and systemic transformations and introducing  ‘polarised convergence’ as a paradoxical outcome: a condition of differentiation without diversity in the English HE system.  

After teaching and guest lecturing on Social Policy and Education in the School for Policy Studies, she took on a postdoctoral research position at CSPACE (Birmingham City University).    

Broadly speaking, her research is concerned with the critique of the contemporary, Western university. Looking at institutional competition and competitiveness, it explores how universities adapt, respond and survive to intense competition and commodification. University crisis and alternative ecologies of knowledge production are examined along with ideas of alternative futures, adopting a rhythmanalytical perspective.  

In particular, she is interested in exploring the interplay between, and the tensions surrounding time-space (rhythm), social acceleration and affect within the academy (psycho-social dimensions of academic labour).  Her research addresses questions such as:  how are cultures of speed and commodification affecting institutional diversity & innovation? What are the implications for individual creativity and wellbeing?  

Currently she is working with Professor Mike Neary and colleagues to develop Lefebvre’s Rhythmanalysis  into a theoretical, methodological and philosophical tool to advance the radical project of a post-capitalist university. 

As Deputy Director, she is working to promote, internally and externally,  research-related activities and events that showcase the diverse and experimental nature of the work done by the research collective in CSPACE.

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