Evaluation of BBC Ten Pieces initiative

Working with leading music charity, Sound Connections, BCU provided analysis for BBC's 10 Pieces initiative. This analysis, along with research from Sound Connections, allowed BBC to evaluate how their programme of musical activities were being used.

BBC Ten pieces


Adam Whittaker

Research background

Sound Connections, a leading music charity based in London, approached BCU to act as the data analysis partner in an evaluation of the BBC 10 Pieces initiative and related resources. BBC 10 Pieces is a leading programme of musical activities and resources designed to support music education both in the school classroom and beyond. 

Research aims

The BBC wanted to understand the efficacy of their resources, and explore the impact that these might have had on teaching practice. This research has played a key role in the BBC taking stock of their provision, and understanding the elements which have proven to be most successful and useful to teachers working in the field. 

Research methods

BCU was provided with a small dataset of website and resource metrics, along with metadata underpinning content which had been uploaded to the BBC website via the 10 pieces uploader. This was analysed and formed part of the broader evaluation conducted by Sound Connections


The evaluation found that BBC 10 Pieces resources had been used by teachers and music education hubs across the country, and that young children were having the opportunity to respond to these works in creative ways. This was really significant and shows that these resources are supporting musical activities in a range of contexts. 


Funder: Sound Connections

Funds: £500