Secondary partnerships

Payments to Schools

Schools are remunerated for hosting a BCU Associate teacher:


  • Year 1 - £500
  • Year 1 paired placement - £1100
  • Year 2 - £400
  • Year 3 - £700


  • School A - £450
  • School B - £550

Payments to schools are made after the scheduled end date for the placement. In order to trigger the payment process schools must submit the end of placement paperwork to the Education Partnerships team. Relevant documentation will include the following:

  • Completed and signed attendance letter from Initial School Engagement Week Placement and/or Enrichment Placement.
  • Completed and signed End of Placement Report for each Associate teacher from Birmingham City University attending the school for a placement.
  • Completion of the online mentor survey (an online survey link is sent out towards the end of each placement).
Purchasing Payment process

By completing in the new supplier form we will have the correct placement and bank information but to ensure that the process is conducted in a smooth and efficient manner please note the following purchasing process. For a copy of this form, please email

BCU will send a Purchase Order directly to the School/Academy where the placement is taking place. The format of the email address will be similar to Placement providers should be in a position to receive such emails so Purchase Orders can be received. Invoices should be sent to BCU accounts payable at It’s important that the information on the purchase order and the invoice match so that payments can be made smoothly. Invoices should be sent in a timely manner so that the process from PO to payment is smooth and efficient.

Incomplete forms
Please note that any forms that are not completed and returned could result in delays to the payments process. Please be sure to pass this form on to the relevant person so that we can ensure all information on the form is complete, accurate and payments can be made efficiently.

Changes in circumstances
If your supplier details should change its important that you keep us up to date. Change notifications should be directed to the following email address:

Form returns
Completed forms should be returned to the below email only with requested supporting documents (insurance and bank details). All completed supplier forms must be sent to: All enquiries regarding placements must go to:

By completing the supplier request form, you are ensuring that BCU have the correct supplier information, with payments going to the correct bank accounts, which will make for efficient payments and a better working relationship.

Download New Supplier Request Form

Download New Supplier Request Form - School and Academy Trust only