Secondary partnerships


Placement documents

Information and documents below are for use by Secondary partner schools and mentors and are relevant to both our BA/BSc (Hons) with QTS Secondary teacher training courses or our range of PGCE Secondary courses.

PGCE Secondary courses: For all | For mentors 

BA/BSc (Hons) Secondary teacher training courses: For all | For mentors 

Payments to schools

Tutor visits

All Secondary ITE courses
Generic information:

PGCE Secondary Year Plan 2022-23 outlines the dates of all placements and all mentor CPD Events - this is the go to resources for all Secondary Professional Mentors.

Secondary Partnership Mentor Handbook 2022/23

Quick Reference Guide for Mentors

Roles and Responsibilities:

Role and Responsibilities of the BCU Subject Tutor

Role and Responsibilities of the BCU Partnership Team

Role and Responsibilities of the Partnership Lead Mentor

Role and Responsibilities of the Subject Mentor


Many documents here have drop down menus to ease workload for mentors.  These work for Microsoft enable systems.  If you are working on a Google system these menus will not work - so you will need to delete them and make brief notes aligned to the BCU ITE Curriculum in the designated text boxes.

BCU Weekly Mentor Associate Teacher Meeting Record

BCU Formal Observed Lesson Plan 

BCU Learning Observation Record

Non-observed / generic lesson planning template

Unit of Work template

From ITE to ECT: Transition Document

Example completed documents:
PGCE Secondary courses
Overview of PGCE Curriculum Phases

PGCE Secondary Curriculum Phase Structure

BCU PGCE Subject ITE Curriculum Plans (coming soon):

  • Art and Design
  • Computer Science
  • Design Technology
  • Drama
  • English
  • Geography
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Education
  • Religious Education
  • Science
  • Social Sciences (BTSA SD route only)
PGCE year overview

Download PGCE year overview

Review meetings - to be conducted with Associate Teachers, Subject Mentors and Subject tutors:

PGCE Secondary Midpoint Review Meeting Record Phase 6 

PGCE Secondary End Point Review Meeting Record Phase 7

PGCE Secondary Midpoint Review Meeting Record Phase 8  

PGCE Secondary End Point Review Meeting Record Phase 9

Internal moderation form

Internal Mentor Moderation Form

Internal Mentor Moderation Form (no drop down version)

QTS reflection at the end of the PGCE year:

PGCE QTS Reflection 2022/23

Undergraduate Secondary courses

Undergraduate Placement Overview 2022/23

BCU BA / BSc (Hons) with QTS ITE Curricula:

Biology Materials

BSc Biology Year 1 ITE Curriculum

BSc Biology Year 2 ITE Curriculum

BSc Biology Year 3 ITE Curriculum

BSc Biology ITE Assessment Tracker

Computer Science Materials  for Year 2 only 

UG Computing Year 2 Curriculum

PE Materials

BA/ BSc PE Year 1 ITE Curriculum

BA/ BSc PE Year 2 ITE Curriculum

BA/ BSc PE Year 3 ITE Curriculum

BA/ BSc PE ITE Assessment Tracker

Assessment Documents

BCU Weekly Mentor Associate Teacher Meeting Record

BCU Learning Observation Record

Secondary Mid-Placement Review Form

Secondary End-Placement Progress Form  

Internal moderation form

Undergraduate Internal Moderation Form

Payments to Schools

Schools are remunerated for hosting a BCU Associate teacher:


  • Year 1 - £500
  • Year 1 paired placement - £1100
  • Year 2 - £400
  • Year 3 - £700


  • PGCE Associate teacher for both School A and B - £1000
  • PGCE Associate teacher for School A - £650
  • PGCE Associate teacher for School B - £350

Payments to schools are made after the scheduled end date for the placement. In order to trigger the payment process schools must submit the end of placement paperwork to the Education Partnerships team.  Relevant documentation will include the following:

  • Completed and signed attendance letter from Initial School Engagement Week Placement and/or Enrichment Placement
  • Completed and signed End of Placement Report for each Associate teacher from Birmingham City University attending the school for a placement.
  • Completion of the online mentor survey (an online survey link is sent out towards the end of each placement).
Payment process

Existing school partners receive a Purchase Order (PO) Number - sent to your finance officer - once end of placement documentation is received.

If you are a new school partner, or one who has not supported our Associate teacher for the last two academic years, we will need the following documentation in order to organise payment. Please submit these in advance of the end of each School Based Training Experience .

  • A completed ‘New Supplier Form’ (document here New Supplier Form )
  • A copy of the school bank details (Sort Code/Account Number) on a letter-headed document.
  • A copy of the school’s public liability insurance.

Once you are registered as a supplier for BCU, the Education Partnerships Team will issue your PO no. when the listed requirements above are submitted.

Please return all the above documents to

On receipt of the PO number you then need to send an invoice to the finance team using the email

  • The invoice must have the PO reference number
  • The invoice must be in PDF format
  • The invoice must have the school's own reference
  • The invoice must have a date
2022/23 Tutor Visit Forms

Compliance and quality assurance checks during School Based Training will usually be completed by the Placement Link Tutor through an online form that will be shared with the Professional Mentor.