Post-compulsory education partnerships

Welcome to the Post-Compulsory Education & Training Partnership Pages.

Our strength in Post-Compulsory Education & Training is the close working relationship we have developed with a range of providers across the West Midlands area. This includes partnerships with colleges, sixth forms, schools, academies, adult education centres and offender learning settings. This ensures that we are able to provide a variety of settings for a range of subject areas covering the vast expanse of the Learning & Skills sector.

The BCU course focuses on 5 pathways which represent the plethora of subjects, levels and courses that are offered across the sector. This means that we are constantly developing our partnership in order to provide new teachers for the ever-evolving landscape.

We are also joined in delivering our course from a range of partner colleges across the region, including:

South & City College Birmingham
Gloucestershire College
Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form
Walsall College

These pages contain a range of documents and support materials to accompany our PGCE & DET PCET courses. Documentation is intended to provide partners with a holistic understanding of the course and a more specific knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of tutors, mentors and trainee teachers.

A range of materials are available in support of the many mentors across our partnership, supporting our trainees across all courses. These can found across the following pages, and we also offer continued support via our BCU ITE Mentor Support YouTube channel. The PCET Playlist, regularly updated, is available here and the content is shown on the following pages.

Mentor CPD

We value the support that is received from our partners, and acknowledge the time taken to develop our trainees, and with this in mind, we wish to offer those mentors the opportunity to develop their own career. To this end, mentors within our partnership can enrol on a fully funded Level 7 module in Coaching and Mentoring. To find out more about how this might work for you and your teams please view the information below and contact our partnership team for further information.

Partnership Contacts:

For Partnership enquiries, please contact the Partnership Team:
Telephone: +44 (0)121 331 7105

Coaching and Mentoring Module