Consultancy and Project Working

Our staff – both lecturers and researchers – have a long-standing reputation in Education and Social Work; we help to shape policies, curricula, and practices both nationally and internationally.

Accessing our expertise can be flexible and responsive. We may be able to offer accredited and non-accredited professional development either through our existing courses or bespoke programmes to address subject-specific initiatives or organisational challenges, or to support innovation in curriculum or practise, as well as policy development, research, and evaluation. Our staff will work with you to ensure their expertise and resources are suited to you and the needs of your organisation.

These are just some examples of the work we have been doing nationally and internationally:

Consultancy: Early Childhood Intervention for Cerebral Palsy

Praxis Europe – a community Interest Company (CIC), which works to promote and meet local needs in education, training and employment through the process of volunteering – appointed Dr Carolyn Blackburn to develop some online training for Physiotherapists, produce a UK country report, and to collate several different country reports from Turkey, Spain, Portugal, USA, Austria and Ukraine to produce a comparative report on early childhood intervention approaches for children with cerebral palsy. The project involved partner visits to Portugal, Turkey and the UK, with BCU hosting the UK visit.

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Consultancy: Training and resources to support Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)

The Seashell/National FASD partnership, funded by Department of Health and Social Care, appointed Dr Carolyn Blackburn as a member of its Expert Committee.  The project involved developing best language guides and three- and five-day training packages for professionals and resources for children and young people

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Project: Transforming FE

Working alongside key stakeholders across Further Education (FE), BCU’s research has not only improved teaching policy and practice in the sector, but also shed light on the transformative power of FE to improve the lives of students.

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Project: Early Years Career Partnership

When it came to addressing issues in the early years sector, local charity West Smethwick Enterprise jumped at the chance to partner with Birmingham City University in order to make a positive difference.

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