Case Studies

Washroom Services Ltd aims to help customers choose products that will improve their eco-friendly credentials and save money. With 10 years’ experience in the washroom industry, it work closely with clients, sharing information, seeking solutions for them and looking for ways to help them save costs and achieve carbon footprint targets.

The project

Innovation Vouchers – a unique, government-funded scheme by which SMEs can purchase academic support from one of the 13 Higher Education institutions in the West Midlands. The scheme builds links between universities and SMEs to create a demand-led approach to innovation, purchasing academic expertise knowledge to develop businesses.

The objectives

The production of product and installation demonstration video for use on the web and other stand-alone marketing collateral.

About the academics

Sandeep Chahil is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Digital Media Technology. After graduating, Sandeep worked as a freelance video editor and part-time lecturer before taking up teaching full time. His area of expertise is digital video production, and he currently teaches modules focusing on video production, post-production, motion graphics and DVD authoring.

Dave Taylor is a Senior Lecturer at the School and has worked here since August 2003. He has been involved with academic delivery since September 2008. Previously Dave was employed as a Corporate Video and Multimedia Production Manager and is now revisiting that commercial experience by delivering media production management tutorials.


The company has produced a short, two- to three-minute video demonstrating how its new patented product, the Tri-Odour-Trap, can be installed and how it should be maintained to achieve maximum performance. It is not always possible to describe how to fit the product over the phone and it was felt that a short video would give the product a complete professional look.

Benefits for the company

The installation video will benefit clients’ practical understanding, which will encourage more sales. The industry had previously been dominated by service companies and many clients were more than capable of maintaining the product themselves, but had been apprehensive about the initial installation of the product, which entails changing some pipe work. The aim of a short video demonstration is to satisfy clients’ understanding that this is not a complicated procedure and could be undertaken by them. This facility will encourage more users and enable the company to tap into an untouched market – thus generating even more sales opportunities.

Alex Waldron, of Washroom Services Ltd, says: “We have nothing but praise for the enthusiasm and professionalism shown by everyone concerned with this scheme. The video was 10 minutes of action and took all day to film and was perfect. We have already distributed copies to clients and have had positive responses. This is something that we really wanted but in all honesty would have had to wait a long time if we were to have it commercially made.”