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Looking for online postgraduate Business degrees to study at university? We offer an online MBA as well as specialisms in finance and management.


MSc International Finance

Gain the knowledge and professional skills needed to develop a career in banking or another financial institution dealing with international operations.

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MSc Management and International Business

Our course teaches you the fundamental skills and attributes you need to become a successful international manager.

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Online MBA

The MBA has been designed to reflect the increasing emphasis on management skills and abilities arising from today's increasingly interconnected and multi-cultural world.

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[00:00:02] Looking into online postgraduate study? At Birmingham City Business School, we offer a range of postgraduate online courses to suit your needs, empowering you to widen your horizons, enhance your career and open up new opportunities.

[00:00:20] Just like our campus based students, you will be supported by our fantastic industry-experienced staff, including a personal tutor who will provide pastoral and academic support throughout your studies.

[00:00:33] Our content reflects the needs of industry. The focus is on putting your skills into practise through real life scenarios, enhancing your professional credibility and allowing you to take your career to the next level.

[00:00:48] You will collaborate with fellow students in other countries and gain knowledge and experience from different sectors and cultures. Our online courses allow you to earn a degree from a UK university and give you the option to study with us at a time and place that suits you, from almost anywhere in the world.

[00:01:07] To ensure you feel comfortable with the e-learning process, all our online students will participate in an introduction module that will help you familiarise yourself with our virtual learning environments and the whole e-learning experience.

[00:01:25] Find out more about the online business courses available to you on our website. We're looking forward to welcoming you soon.

About the Birmingham City Business School

Birmingham City Business School is built on business. Part of Birmingham City University, we have a unique relationship with the extraordinary city we're rooted in, renowned for its entrepreneurial and commercial past, present and future. You can gain the building blocks for your future career in business with our placements scheme.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our flexible online delivery means that you can study with us full-time or part-time, and at a time that suits you, from almost anywhere in the world
  • We provide a range of support to help you to adapt to online learning and get the most out of your course – regular contact with tutors, online discussion forums, and access to University support services
  • Our high-quality online programmes are as in-depth and focused as our campus Master’s degrees, the only difference being that materials are delivered online rather than face-to-face

What our students say

"The University has been really helpful in enabling me to adapt to online learning and having a personal tutor allocated for the duration of the course is reassuring. The platform on which the modules are delivered, Moodle, works really well. I’ve studied other online courses in the past and typically the content delivery platforms have been a notable let-down. The way in which the modules are delivered are great as they allow flexibility to study around work and family commitments."

William Read, MSc Management and International Business student


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How to succeed with online learning

Studying an online course can offer you flexibility over where and when you work on your studies, which means you can study from almost anywhere in the world at any time which suits you.

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Top skills employers of the future will want

The next decade is predicted to be a time of particularly intense change, and as you start to look for ways to set yourself apart from other candidates in the jobs market, thinking about the skills which employers of the future will want is key.

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