PhD Research Degrees

Our Conservatoire PhD research degree will help you create opportunities to develop research skills that support performance, composition or a scholarly career.

The Conservatoire PhD is offered full-time (3 years) or part time (4-7 years). It is supported by a team of supervisors who have a wide range of specialisms and expertise including:

  • Composition
  • Music Technology
  • Performance Studies
  • Musicology
  • Performing Arts

Post-2014 Conservatoire PhD Awards

  • Paul Norman: Unprotected Practice: Including Process as Compositional Material
  • Simon Cummings: Cloud Triptych: An Exploration of Stochastic Movement between Discrete Musical Behaviours
  • René Mogensen: Typology of Relations between Acoustic Instruments and Electronics in Concert Music: An Analysis and Composition-based Approach
  • Edmund Hunt: 'The Difference Between Us': Using Early Medieval Northern European Texts in the Creation of a Work for Instrumental Ensemble
  • Joanna Szalewska-Pineau: Performing Szymanowski: A Pianist's Perspective
  • Adam Whittaker: Musical Exemplarity in the Notational Treatises of Johannes Tinctoris (c.1435-1511)
  • Tychonas Michailidis: On the Hunt for Feedback: Vibrotactile Feedback in Interactive Electronic Music Performances
  • Christian Goursaud: The Neapolitan Presentation Manuscripts of Tinctoris’s Music Theory: Valencia 835 and Bologna 2573
  • Fang Fang: Echoes of Chinese Folksong: Degrees of Integration and Separation in the Use of Pre-existing Regional Chinese Folksong and Composed Material
  • Hans Koller: Twelve Reinventions for George Russell: The Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization as a Transformative Tool in Contemporary Composition
  • Darquise Bilodeau: Gabriel Fauré and I'organisation du mouvement: Poetic prosody and Rhythmic Continuity in the Songs (1861-1921)
  • James Dooley: Sounding the Environment: Research through Composition Exploring the Interplay of Space and Place in Musical and Installation Works
  • Joanna Lee: Dramatic Vocal Composition Combining Lyrics Singing with Extended Vocal Techniques
  • Susan Cannon: Anubis - Triptych of Orchestral Works
  • Sara Hubrich: The Creative Embodiment of Music - Practice-Based Investigations into Staged and Embodied Interpretations of Instrumental Music (Volumes l and II)
  • Claudio Forcada-Delgado: Good Practice in Violin Pedagogy: Psychological Aspects Related to the Acquisition of Motor Skills
  • Tim Perkins: Metta Vee: A Stylistic Journey Through a Landscape of String
  • David S. Baltuch: Orchestral Conducting Since 1950: A Comparative Analysis of Conducting Manuals, Practitioners’ Testimonies and Two Orchestral Performances
  • Andrew Thomas: Journeys to Recover the Future
  • Christos Noulis: Somatic Education and Piano Performance

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