Tammy Yeshua

Tammy Yeshua is a Computer Science student who spent her year in industry at IBM. Her role at the technology giant helped her build upon her technical and personal skills. Tammy told us more about her placement at IBM and what her hopes are for the future.

What have you gained from doing your placement?

My placement with IBM exposed me to corporate culture where I could learn how to build, create, manage, or support a corporate network, software development or other IT project. The huge advantage of my placement was getting to engage with industry professionals in ways that new employees may not typically do, and at the same time get valuable training. Several of my personal skills improved considerably after my placement, such as my confidence and presentation skills, which I am hugely grateful to IBM and my team for. In the future, once I have completed my degree, I hope to return to IBM and be a part of the Graduate Scheme and the further opportunities that IBM have to offer.

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Any advice to prospective students who may be considering a placement year?

I highly recommend taking a placement year; you gain invaluable experience, opportunities, are able to network with talented brains and have a foot in the door for your future.