Adam Bradbury

Scholarships and Awards

BCU pride themselves on shaping people for the work place, so everything they do strives towards putting you into a job at the end of it. Everything that I have experienced with BCU has geared me towards the career that I do now.

Real World Experience

The amount of real world experience I have and the amount of hands on experience I have with the gear that is used in the real world has been massive benefit for me in the industry.
My employers are often impressed by the amount I know straightaway out of uni to do with industry equipment and industry processes and that’s where BCU have stepped in and really have readied me for the real world.

Cisco Prize

I won the Cisco prize for outstanding performance on a networking security course, the award shows that I gave 100% effort in my course and BCU pride themselves on once you put 100% in you will get 100% out and that’s exactly what the award shows for me.