Hossein Mirian

Former Advanced Computer Science student, Hossein Mirian graduated in 2018. Hossein Mirian told us what it was like to study with us and how university encouraged his passion for computer science. 

What course did you choose to study and why? 

I studied Advanced Computer Science as I am deeply interested in programming and data science. 

Why did you choose BCU? 

I researched the University thoroughly online and discovered that the University is very multi-cultural and really welcomes international students. Plus, the computing facilities are very well equipped, especially for my field of study. 

When you started university, did you know what you wanted to do as a career?

I already knew when starting my Master’s that I wanted to work in computer science. 

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Was there a particular module that sparked an interest in a topic you’d never considered before? 

I really enjoyed the course on a whole, but particularly liked Semantic Web and Knowledge Management as the module content was totally new to me. 

What is your current job role? 

I work at OERC University of Oxford as researcher / front-end web developer.

What is the most challenging aspect of your current role? 

I have tons of challenges every day, writing unpredictable codes and tests, a lot of interaction with the teammates, and continues meetings regarding development of project. Mostly the amount of changes we have to make for the sake of improvement is the most challenging part in my opinion.

What main skill from your university days will you take with you through your life?

My writing has really improved as I learnt how to structure my writing for academic purposes and write qualitative English. I learnt how to collaborate in a team and present project work. The skill which has been most useful for my career has been learning how to adapt to new technologies. 

How has your life changed since graduating?

It has changed my outlook on computer science and the industry’s market. I can now recognise technological trends more than before and my mentality is to always think about the bigger picture when approaching work and life.