Nassir Ibrahim

Nassir Ibrahim

Having previously studied Economics at Birmingham City University, Nassir stayed on for a Master’s in Digital Transformation. After graduating, he worked as an analyst at Jaguar Land Rover for a year before returning to the University as a researcher. 

“I was attracted to the course by the level of certification offered; for example SAP and the MSc itself. I enjoyed the breadth of the material taught, with the opportunity to specialise in whichever domain you wish.

“In my current role there is such a large volume of data, from a variety of sources, emerging at a high velocity. This data originates from several systems. A high level of competency of these different systems can be an employee’s competitive edge and also very valuable to the employer.

“A big issue in systems management is the difference in the records of data stored by various departments. When these systems provide reports with conflicting results to management, it causes confusion. In this situation, data analysis and interrogation skills from an MSc prove to be useful in dealing with these challenges. IT literacy across a large enterprise using numerous systems can also generally be an issue so to learn the theoretical underpinning of Systems Management at MSc level is also beneficial.

“In future I plan to become an expert in an academic field of knowledge, a competent researcher and a skilled professional.”

MSc Digital Transformation

Birmingham City University