Danyal Ismet


Hie I am Danyal Ismet and I study Computer Networks for Security at Birmingham City university. The company that my placement was based at was IBM and I worked at IBM, Warwick which is one of their locations in the UK.

My Role

My role was Support offerings technical support, I was in regular contact with client executives and produce executives and I would get requirements from those based on what a company would want for their network infrastructure and then I would have to use my own initiative to decide how many surveys, how many switches, how much Internet storage and security each company would need.

Why Placement?

I undertook a placement year because I understand that the importance of having experience when going for a job after graduation and I wanted to see how a company like IBM works from inside. I bought back a lot from my placement year for my studies for my final year. I was heavily involved with cloud computing at IBM Warwick. I am doing my dissertation on cloud computing and how Cisco systems would implement their Cloud on blade service.