The group undertakes research in areas of broadcast engineering with a scope across all aspects of broadcast production, contribution and distribution workflow. The research scope also extends from signal and protocol level, up to system, networking and services level.

Broadcast research group

The research group as the ability to draw upon expertise of student work in the centre’s two broadcast programs:

(i) The BEng Broadcast and Communications Engineering undergraduate course, and;

(ii) The MSc Broadcast Engineering Course postgraduate.

Both of these courses are delivered to BBC and other industry-based students, consequently the student research base is strong and focussed on the demands of the industry.

The group also contributes to standards work, including IST/37, the UK group feeding into ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG11 - Coding of audio, picture, multimedia and hypermedia information (MPEG); other standards input on associated issues.

The group is also responsible for co-organising DataTV workshops  – these workshops address the increasing importance and relevance of richly granular and semantically expressive data about TV and immersive audiovisual content in the media value chain.

Areas of Activity

  • Broadcast production workflows
  • Contribution and distribution networks
  • Signal coding and compression
  • Network and service protocols
  • Content Management and security
  • Semantics and metadata
  • Object-based media
  • AR, VR, XR applied to broadcast
  • Standards work (see above)
  • DataTV workshops (see above)

Staff working in this group