Vehicle configurator augmented reality system

Working in partnership to create immersive, real-time visualisation systems for motor vehicles.

Using augmented reality (AR) to create an improved visualisation system.



Innovate UK – Partnership with HolosphereVR 



Duration of project

2018 - present

Research background

Our leading work into augmented reality (AR) visual realism and quality perception improved the realism of this vehicle visualiser leading to an improved realtime visualisation system which was easily configurable by operators.

This successful partnership resulted in international showcases of the augmented reality vehicle visualiser, leading to successful growth for HolosphereVR with new partners, projects, and opportunities.

Research aims

To evaluate a real time AR car configurator system, enabling the deploy of the final system and its use in international showcases.  

The project is funded by Innovate UK, in partnership with Holosophere VR.