Current Research Students

Research Students - Computing

Student Programme Subject Area Director of Studies
Fatima Abdallah PhD, Full Time Making Sense of Data in Smart Environments Professor Sharon Cox
Lamya Abdullah PhD, Full Time Security information systems for mitigating cyber threats Professor Ali Abdallah
Salameh Abu Rmeileh PhD, Full Time e-health monitoring: autonomous smart space with decision support Dr Esther Palomar
Aliyu Lawal Aliyu PhD, Full Time Secure Controller framework for Software Define Network (SDN) Dr Peter Bull
Diana Haidar PhD, Full Time Big Data Analytics for Supporting Risk Mitigation Decisions Dr Iffat Gheyas
Andrew James McKeown MPhil, Full Time An investigation into the efficiency of broad-band power line communication within a residential setting Dr Tony Wilcox
Asma Patel PhD, Full Time Date structures in context modelling for behavioural analysis Dr Esther Palomar
Xiaomei Tao PhD, Part Time Enhancing electronic tutoring systems by responding to affective states Dr Martyn Ratcliffe
Margarita Velasco-Olvera PhD, Full Time Adaptation for replace-ability in web services interoperability David While
Thomas Wagner PhD, Full Time Sharing threats to mitigate cyber attacks Professor Ali Abdallah

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