Direct from Osaka: Computer Games Technology lecturer delivers paper

Carlo Harvey giving presentation at IEEE

Senior Lecturer in Computer Games Technology Carlo Harvey is giving a paper at the largest conference in the world on Virtual Reality this week. The IEEE Virtual Reality (VR) 2019 is the international forum for presenting research results in the broad area of Virtual Reality.

BSc Computer Games Technology

Birmingham City University

The conference ran from 23 to 27 March in Osaka, Japan, and encompassed 140 talks, 35 research demos and 18 workshops. This year’s event was the largest ever recorded, with over 1,000 delegates from more than 50 countries.

Carlo presented his research paper: Audio-Visual-Olfactory Resource Allocation for Tri-modal Virtual Environments, which is about the integration of multiple senses into virtual environments, and encompasses three experimental studies. Carlo co-authored the paper alongside Efstratios Doukakis, Kurt Debattista, Thomas Bashford-Rogers, Amar Dhokia, Ali Asadipour and Alan Chalmers.

Carlo says: “As we strive for greater immersion and presence in virtual worlds, there is a tendency towards integrating more sensory feedback: visuals, sounds, smells, touch, etc. This contribution investigates how humans prefer computational resources to be allocated across various budgets to the simulation of these senses for virtual environments.

“We find that vision dominates for small resources, such as mobile phones, but as computational power increases there is a step-change in preference to increasingly weight sound simulation and also simulating smell in virtual worlds,” he adds.

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