The future of gaming: Xbox vs PlayStation

With the release of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, our Computer Games Technology student, Daniel Corcoran, has shared what the differences are between the two consoles, including the spec sheets, controller designs and loading times. As well as some of the new technology you can look out for, in the future of the gaming industry.

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Xbox Series X vs Xbox One  

The Xbox Series X is a console far more powerful than its predecessor. With boasting features such as Raytracing capabilities as well as 8k gaming, it allows for far more visually appealing games to be made.  The Xbox One had a maximum resolution of 4K while playing at 30 Frames per Second, while the Series X offers up to 8k or 120 frames per second gaming. This allows not only for smoother lines within games, but also for games that require precision, to gain such precision, as it is proven that higher frame rates can improve a player’s abilities in games.

The Series X also carries a solid-state drive, as opposed to a mechanical hard drive. This allows for loading times to be far quicker. Xbox has added a new feature called “Quick Resume” where players are able to re-load the game right back from where they left off, without having to go through the menu, allowing them to get right back into the action after only 10-20 seconds of loading time.

PlayStation 4 vs PlayStation 5

Though weaker than the Series X overall, the PlayStation 5 includes many of the same features as the Series X, especially when it comes to the resolution and framerate stats. The PlayStation 5 boasts 4k120FPS gaming or 8K gaming, much better than the PS4’s 4k30fps gaming experience, bringing the same benefits as the Xbox in terms of user experience.

Similar to the Series X the PS5 brings Solid State Drives, a big upgrade to the mechanical drives of the last generation. However, Sony boasts that the solid-state drive in their console is far faster than most others seen on the consumer market today, quite an impressive factor to promote as it promises less loading time for more complex and detailed games.

New Technology

If we were to look at the spec sheets, there would be little differences between the two consoles overall. Both carry the same CPU (central processing unit) and GPU (graphics processing unit), the same amount of RAM and similar storage solutions. However, under all the hardware is where the consoles begin to show off their own technology.

Xbox has held a promise to its users, that every Xbox game ever released, will work on the Series X. From the original; Xbox to the Xbox one. This emulation means users can use all of their old games without having to keep all of their old consoles to play them on. Sony have said, however, that Ps4 games will be playable on the PS5. This reveal means users will have the largest library of games to choose from than ever before.

One of the biggest developments with the PS5 is its new controller. Changing the design almost entirely, the controller holds a similar shape to the Xbox one rather than the normal DualShock controller that PlayStation are known for. It houses technology such as new haptic feedback and adaptive triggers which react in a game situation, allegedly tightening or locking up when the game tells them to. In contrast, Xbox has very much kept the design of its controller. In fact, side by side with the Xbox One X controller, they show similar design right down to the moulding. The only distinct difference has been the introduction of a ‘share button’, which allows old controllers to be compatible with the Series X.

Our BSc (Hons) Computer Games Technology course will enable you to work with similar technology to the gaming industry. With powerful hardware in the game’s lab, you will develop games for consoles. As well as using development kits to experience what’s it’s like for developers working on these consoles in industry.

You will also learn how to use software such as Unreal Engine, Unity and Virtual Reality headsets allowing you to learn the necessary skills needed for the future of gaming.

The future of gaming

As solid-state storage moves to become far more mainstream; Consoles now have the ability to deal with compression and decompression far more quickly, allowing developers to have less versions of a model in their files.  

Solid State Drive (SSD) hardware will be developed far more now, with capacity and speed growing exponentially as time goes on. With this, the slower mechanical drives might become a thing of the past, aside from more long-term storage, as solid-state drives do have a life-span problem.

The development of advanced technology within games and consoles continues to bring with it new programs, modelling and the continued use of artificial intelligence, resulting in industry looking for technical expertise required to develop these games, now more than ever. 

So, team Xbox or PlayStation?

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