Nathan Dewell

Nathan Dewell is an Assistant Lecturer in Computer Games Technology at Birmingham City University, in the School of Computing and Digital Technology. He teaches Game Studio Production and Game Asset Pipeline. He is part of the research arm for Games and Graphics within the DMTLab at BCU.

Nathan is also a STEAMHouse academic, working with various professionals and companies to explore technical solutions and as the host of Birmingham XR, a monthly XR conference that aims to bring together Cross reality enthusiast, educating and informing on all things AR and VR.

After graduating from the very course he now teaches on, Nathan found his passion for developing and publishing video games for both web and mobile platforms. Since taking on a teaching role, Nathan has begun to widen his skillset beyond games programming into areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Project Management and 3D modelling. Nathan revels in being able to make software and video game development as simple as possible by utilising modern software and techniques to breakdown the barriers that would typically stop a person from entering this discipline.

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