Dr Iain Rice

Dr Rice is a specialist in Machine Learning and Signal Processing with several years of experience applying AI models to a wide range of real-world problems. As the head data scientist for The RAPID Project Iain created algorithms allowing for up to 12 hours advanced prediction of cardiac arrest in children.

Iain has taught on several computational and mathematical programmes at both traditional and distance learning universities. As the course leader for the MSc Artificial Intelligence he is passionate about seeing everyone learn more about AI and mathematics, especially those from a non-computing background.

Iain’s PhD was in the area of applied mathematics where he worked with Thales (UK) Ltd, a defence contractor, to analyse SONAR data. He created visual informatics capable of inferring anomalies in a complex environment. Whilst working on this problem he created a novel computational architecture capable of outperforming standard Deep Learning models and is a self-proclaimed ‘deep learning sceptic’.

Dr Rice is open for applications of self-funded PhD projects, MSc research projects, industry collaborations and general academic partnerships pertaining to applied Machine Learning and data-driven challenges.

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