Cathy Easthope

Cathy teaches on BSc courses within the Department of Digital Media Technology. Although her degrees are arts based, she has worked in biomedical research as well as design for the NHS, so this combination is ideal for courses which allow students to both express their creative and aesthetic abilities, as well as develop their technical skills. 

Cathy has a background in the Public Health Laboratory Service, in Biochemical Engineering and biomedical research at the University of Birmingham, and has over 20 years experience as a lecturer. Sha has both an MA and a BA in Visual Communication, is a designer and illustrator both physical and digital, and has had international exhibitions of her work.

Examples of her industry engagement are with such companies as Caterpillar, Rolls Royce, the Arts Council, Birmingham Royal Ballet and local government.

Cathy set up Pandaemonium, a visual communications company and was also a Health Promotion Artist and videographer for the NHS.

Her current social interests are ballet, astronomy, cosmology and exobiology.

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