Antonio Nehme

Lecturer in Computer Science

School of Computing and Digital Technology - CDT
0121 331 7596

Antonio Nehme holds a BSc in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics from the Lebanese American University and a PhD in Cyber Security from Birmingham City University. His research focuses on identity management and access control, security of microservices-based applications, auditing and secure collaborations in distributed systems, Blockchain and IoT.

Dr Nehme was involved in the digital transformation project of the Lebanese government services, as well as the Big Data Corridor Project. One of his projects, “Secure Auditing”, enables a distributed organisation to generate non-repudiation audit trails, which has wide ranging applications from e-commerce to digital government. He was the lead software engineer on “Isolation and resilience in networks of autonomous vehicles”, a project aimed to detect and mitigate attacks at the network Level of autonomous vehicles. He also supported the deliverable of “CASSIOPEIA”, a project to implement access delegation and selective sharing of private data in the context of rental smart homes.

Dr Nehme is a Lecturer in Computer Science at Birmingham City University, and he is an AWS Academy Accredited Educator, delivering training at BCU on a range of AWS services that enable building scalable, secure, resilient and compliant applications in the cloud.

Antonio is currently an active researcher in the Intelligent Software Systems Lab (ISSL). Within this lab, he investigates applying established approaches (e.g., neural network, objective decision-making, secure design) in novel ways, thereby producing intelligent solutions for software systems in a myriad of domains.

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