Sean Enderby

Name: Sean Enderby

Research Title: Development, Analysis and Assessment of Adaptive Digital Distortion Effects

Name of Director of Studies: Dr Zlatko Baracskai

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About the Project: Currently working towards improving existing techniques of harmonic excitation. Investigating how adaptive techniques can be used to tailor the harmonic structure of sounds to achieve the desired perceptual enhancement.

Research Activities: Analysis of existing harmonic excitation effects through both objective testing and subjective listening tests.

Development of novel, real time, harmonic excitation algorithms which will outperform those tested.

Findings: For low latency harmonic excitation, a time domain approach is preferential to a frequency domain one.

Achievements: “Methods for Real Time Harmonic Excitation of Acoustic Signals” Paper Accepted to SMC 2013.
Enderby S., Baracskai Z., “Harmonic Instability of Digital Soft Clipping Algorithms” DAFx-12, York, September 2012.