Mohit Bhardwaj

Name: Mohit Bhardwaj

Research Title: A Systematic Approach to Governance for Enterprise Systems during Implementation

Name of Director of Studies: Professor Craig Chapman

Key Contact Details - Email:

About the Project: This research explores enterprise systems security and governance standards that underpin the management of an organisation’s information systems during implementation. The research will look in detail at various IT governance standards used to design security and governance frameworks, information systems management architecture and design, risk management, business continuity, and embedding information systems governance and security within organisations for the longer term.

Research Activities: This research will utilise multiple techniques to identify issues arising from using completely different governance models throughout the Enterprise systems implementation stages and then assess how the availability of data and/or academic material may or may not facilitate instigation of governance changes inside an enterprise.


The outcome of this research will:

  • identify the security and governance issues that influence the implementation of enterprise systems within an organisation
  • propose a conceptual model to build enterprise system governance during the implementation phase within an organisation