Do Ghosts Exist?

Mechanical Engineering - BEng (Hons)

After listening to the Uncanny Podcast  Mohammed and Bernice's team began to  investigate if the mystery of a ringing toy phone under a sleeping child's bed was a ghost or a glitch.

Give a brief overview of your project.

Our project, "Do Ghosts Exist?", revolves around investigating a mysterious toy telephone from 1982-1983 that reportedly rang by itself.  The Uncanny Podcast Season 3 Case 4  suggested supernatural causes, but as aspiring engineers, we aim to apply scientific and physics-based reasoning to uncover the truth. With today's technology and knowledge, along with the help of skilled technicians and tutors, we are exploring plausible explanations behind this paranormal-sounding phenomenon.

What made you want to develop this idea?

We were intrigued by the mystery surrounding the toy telephone and the supernatural explanations offered. As passionate engineers, we wanted to challenge these claims and demonstrate that even seemingly inexplicable events have scientific explanations rooted in physics and technology.

Why is there a need for what you are creating?

There is a need to demystify events like the toy telephone ringing on its own to provide rational and evidence-based explanations. By investigating and analysing the phenomenon using modern technology and scientific methods, we aim to shed light on what occurred in 1982-1983.

Can you explain the kind of equipment you are using, and how you are creating the physical product?

We listened attentively to the podcast for initial insights, meticulously documented observations, and conducted a thorough disassembly of the toy telephone. Additionally, we employed equipment such as fans and applied force to recreate conditions similar to those in 1982. These steps allowed us to explore and test various hypotheses about why the toy phone rang by itself. 

Where do you envision the future of this project?

Moving forward, we envision this project contributing to our understanding of mysterious occurrences and highlighting the importance of scientific reasoning.

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