Jonsmith Alankar Puli

Business Information Technology - BSc (Hons)

After attending an international University Fair, Jonsmith was determined to move to Birmingham to study Business Information Systems. Since starting his degree at BCU and moving from his hometown in Hyderabad, India, Jonsmith has been able to utilise a range of computing facilities and resources to achieve his goals. The Business Information Systems course has helped him set realistic targets, and allowed him to become more independent and outspoken within a professional industry environment.

"I found out about my course from BCU Computing lecturer, Charanjit Marwaha, at an International University Fair in India. The information provided about the BSc in Business Information Technology was extremely helpful, and made me determined to join Birmingham City University to study for my undergraduate degree.

I’ve always loved studying computers and been passionate about business too, which I have a natural knack for. When I heard about my course I realised what opportunities it could open up for me and that I could study two of my favourite subjects at a higher level. This greatly appealed to me which is why I chose to make the move to the UK to study.

Prior to my degree, I had never studied any type of programming so in the beginning I found it extremely hard. After exploring the available resources in the university, the Centre for Academic Success helped me understand the subject and improved upon my programming knowledge. This resulted in me achieving good grades along with a more developed understanding for Computing.

So far, I’m proud of being part of an institution which has helped me believe in my capabilities and provided me with support for my future. With help from the Careers+ team, I’ve become more professional, developed my business knowledge and improved my time management skills. Plus, my degree has helped me be more independent and outspoken within a professional industry environment.

The best thing for me about BCU are the various resources and the facilities available to students to achieve their goals. Firstly, the Careers+ team who have constantly encouraged me to improve my professional manner and build upon my experience. Secondly, the computing facilities are equipped with the latest software and equipment which have been brilliant to use as a student. Finally, the group tutorial sessions have helped improve my attitude towards the University and student life.

The key skills I have gained from my course are building a database like Oracle, programming platforms and building a BPMN (business process model and notation) diagram, which are used in industry for modelling business challenges. I have learnt new applications of systems in my day-to-day life which makes my studies even more interesting.

I believe that this course has helped shape my thoughts about computers and business. It has given me a clearer vision about what my career goals are. Birmingham City University has changed me, I have developed the personality and attitude needed to become an entrepreneur. When I graduate I hope to own a business in software solutions and a technology firm.

‘I am BCU’ means that I’m a product of the hard work of the University. I now know how to carry myself throughout my professional career, and my skills are a reflection of BCU’s ability to teach me. By studying at BCU, students can believe that they can achieve what they’ve always dreamt of."

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