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Jess Primary - I Am BCU

Jess Smith

Construction Management - BSc (Hons)

After setting her heart on working in the music industry, starting a degree in music composition and then changing her mind, Jess struggled with making a decision about her future career. After chatting with her family, she was accepted onto a trial placement with Morgan Sindall and was then offered a permanent position – with the condition she completed a University course. After joining our HNC in Construction and progressing on to the BSc Construction Management course, she became a member of one of the first, all-female teams to win an international construction competition and is now achieving goals she never dreamt about.

Marta Muracka

Mechanical Engineering - BEng (Hons)

Going to university was something Marta had always wanted to do. Her family had encouraged her to pursue a degree in medicine. However, Marta decided to study an area more suited to her interests in space and technology. Studying Mechanical Engineering at BCU, has given her the chance  to get involved with the fun side of her degree, like Formula Student. She now feels like she is a part of a warm and welcoming environment.

Martin Svejda

Computer Research Degrees - PhD

After graduating with a first-class degree in Computer Science, Martin continued in further education and is now in his first year of research towards a PhD in Computational Neuroscience. He has also been able to start a career in his desired industry as a Senior Technician at the University. 

Luke Tainton

Computer Networks - BSc (Hons)

Luke initially wanted to apply for an apprenticeship and considered looking for a job because he wasn’t sure which university course would be right for him. After attending a BCU Open Day, he chose to study Computer Networks. Since beginning his degree, Luke has received quite a lot of academic and pastoral support. This has allowed him to travel and gain networking experience with industry professionals.

Ben Clements

Ben Clements

Digital Forensics - BSc (Hons)

Although Ben was nervous to apply for his course through Clearing, the support he gained from BCU allowed for a smooth yet efficient process. This ensured he could begin studying Digital Forensics and begin his journey into a future career supporting the police as a Forensics Investigator.

Kristian McGurran Primary

Kristian McGurran

Music Technology - BSc (Hons)

Moving from his hometown in Lurgan, Northern Ireland, Kristian had mixed feelings about joining a completely new culture here at Birmingham City University. However, when a friend encouraged him to study the BSc Music Technology course here, Kristian got the confidence boost he needed to step out of his comfort zone!

I AM BCU Ebenezer Otieno

Ebenezer Otieno

Construction Project Management - MSc

After completing an undergraduate degree in BSc Construction Management in Kenya, Ebenezer decided he wanted to continue his studies and complete a Masters. After researching into a range of universities in the UK, he found that the MSc Construction Project Management course at Birmingham City University would be the most beneficial to his future career.

Jonsmith Alankar Puli Primary

Jonsmith Alankar Puli

Business Information Technology - BSc (Hons)

After attending an international University Fair, Jonsmith was determined to move to Birmingham to study Business Information Systems. Since starting his degree at BCU and moving from his hometown in Hyderabad, India, Jonsmith has been able to utilise a range of computing facilities and resources to achieve his goals. The Business Information Systems course has helped him set realistic targets, and allowed him to become more independent and outspoken within a professional industry environment.

Tauseef Asif

Computer Networks and Security - BSc (Hons)

Tauseef was determined to be the first in his family to attend university. Since starting his degree in Computer Networks and Security, he has pushed himself beyond his comfort zone. Being nervous on his first day at Birmingham City University and lacking self-confidence, he never imagined that he would soon publish his first fiction novel, and walk on glass in front of a huge audience!

Aiyesha Ayyub

Project Management - MSc

After moving from India to the UK to study, Aiyesha felt excited but anxious to begin her course. But after receiving support and guidance from her lecturers throughout her Postgraduate study combined with her determination, she was able to overcome her obstacles and has learnt to embrace challenges along the way. 

Mia Churchill

Music Technology - BSc (Hons)

Mia has felt a sense of belonging since joining Birmingham City University from both her lecturers and new friends on the BSc (Hons) Music Technology course. After consistent self-doubt and ambivalence around her capability with her studies, Mia has proven to herself that she can achieve anything if she puts her mind to it. Moving from her small town, Wisbech in Cambridgeshire, to the big city of Birmingham, has allowed Mia to excel in her confidence.

Sian Cameron

Construction Management - BSc (Hons)

Sian had applied to a different university after leaving further education, but found the course wasn’t for her. She isolated herself for two years and threw herself into work, until she discovered the BSc Construction Management course at BCU. Since then Sian has gained confidence and feels ready to take on the construction industry.

Sam Cohen

Real Estate - BSc (Hons)

After graduating and becoming a Chartered Real Estate Agent, Sam knew he wanted to strive in the industry. And he did just that. He now works in Central London with The Crown Estate, a company owned by the queen!

Raja Khan

Building Surveying – BSc (Hons)

University was always a priority for Raja, but only became a possibility for him after he had secured the Building Birmingham Scholarship. Since coming to BCU, Raja has gone from strength to strength, developing into a mature and professional individual. Once he graduates, he aims to become a chartered surveyor so he can positively impact people’s quality of living.

Olivia Grant

Music Technology - BSc (Hons)

Olivia wasn’t sure about applying to university, as she was worried about being so far from home and had also been told that her grades weren’t good enough. The support she’s received from her tutors, the sense of community she feels from her fellow students and the different societies she’s joined, means she’s now a much more confident person.  


Laura Reid

Planning Built Environments - MA

After struggling to balance a demanding part-time job alongside her studies, Laura was finding it difficult to find time to focus on her university assignments. But when she was offered a job with the Students Union, they were flexible and understood that university was a priority, allowing Laura to complete her course.

Adam Islam

Digital Media Technology - BSc (Hons)

Adam always envisaged himself going to university, walking around campus and getting involved in all that uni life had to offer.  He knew it would be a whole new experience for him to navigate, but he never anticipated that he’d need a wheelchair to do so.

Eva Nakacwa I AM BCU

Eva Nakacwa

Digital Media Technology – BSc (Hons)

Like many students at BCU, Eva commutes to university. She found the commute tiring, yet her passion for her subject was stronger. During her time at BCU, Eva has been able to achieve a lot of things she’s proud of and feels like a part of the community. She has learnt to collaborate, use professional equipment and gain the necessary skills to realise her creative aspirations fully.

I AM BCU Sam Lovesey

Sam Lovesey

Digital Media Computing - BSc (Hons)

Sam was certain university was the right path for him, but wasn’t so sure on what to study. He researched potential courses online, and was attracted to the Digital Media Computing course at Birmingham City University. After attending an Open Day, Sam was confident it was the right place for him. The course offered modern facilities and a unique opportunity to explore creative and logical thinking. Studying at BCU has helped Sam gain valuable work experience, and fill his CV with desirable skills.

CJ Cooper

Digital Forensics - BSc (Hons)

‘I was worried, I was “too mentally ill” to finish my degree.’ CJ faced some mental health challenges whilst studying for her degree, leaving her feeling like she may not be able to complete her course. But after co-creating the ‘Put the Kettle On’ society with a friend, she not only created a safe and calming space for all students to talk and get support from one another but it has helped her gain confidence and get through her own challenges.

George Harris

Computer Networks - BSc (Hons)

George wanted to find a safe, supportive and LGBTQ+ friendly city and university where he felt he belonged and could make new friends. His biggest challenge was adapting to the fast-paced student life and the ever changing, exciting city. George feels that BCU has supported him in all aspects of his university life so far and is coming towards the end of his placement year with Central England Co-Op, where he’s learnt real career skills he can apply to any challenges he tackles in the future. He loves being a part of the creative and innovative community at BCU and is excited to see what the future holds.

Joseph Oxenbury

Computer Forensics - BSc (Hons)

Joseph has always been an avid learner of both forensics and computing, so he decided to choose the BSc (Hons) Computer Forensics course which amalgamates both of his interests. Although he found it stressful finding a placement, he has managed to secure one at Jumar Technology this year and continues to utilise and develop his knowledge from the course.

Aksa Saleem

Computer Networks and Security - BSc (Hons)

Sceptical as to whether university was the right choice for her goal of studying an IT related course, Aksa thought that a degree apprenticeship was her only option after sixth-form. After one visit to Birmingham City University and the city, Aksa had a predilection for Birmingham’s vibrancy and knew that this university was for her. Through her studies and her placement, Aksa’s most salient quality is the development of her self-confidence.

Nirali Patel

Construction Project Management - MSc

Nirali decided to come back to university to boost her career aspects. Finding a balance between working full time, being a Mum and studying part time was difficult but with support from her lecturers and her admirable driven personality, Nirali now feels confident in taking the next big step in her career.

Nour Albaarini

Big Data Analytics - MSc

In 2011, halfway through his Computer Engineering studies, Nour left Syria with this family and fled to Jordan. After four years he was relocated to the UK through a resettlement programme. It had always been his dream to study in the UK. But with a language barrier and no entitlement to a student loan to cover his tuition fees, Nour began to lose hope. But despite the challenges he secured a place at BCU and went onto achieve a first-class degree. 

Thomas Hamilton

Automotive Engineering - BEng (Hons)

Intrigued by the design and manufacturing of automotive vehicles, Thomas was determined to unravel his engineering potential by choosing the BEng (Hons) Automotive Engineering course. Through being thoroughly involved in the Formula Student racing team, Thomas has gained a copious amount of practical skills and a wealth of industry knowledge in order to help him achieve his dream job ensuing graduation.

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