The Dog Stop's Journey to a Grand Opening

Interested in Learning How Our Link Students Transformed The Dog Stop's Digital Presence? Then Read More!

The Dog Stop

The Dog Stop stands as America's premier all-inclusive dog care destination, providing grooming, daycare, boarding, training, and a pet retail store. With a commitment to canine well-being, The Dog Stop prioritises socialisation, exercise, and holistic services, ensuring a comprehensive range of amenities for a fulfilling experience.


  1. There were two main objectives: crafting a tailored marketing strategy to enhance the brand's presence and developing a structured process to boost attendance and success at grand opening events, fostering increased visibility and community engagement.

How Link Students Achieved the Objectives:

  1. Customer Persona: Developed a detailed customer persona for targeted marketing.

  2. Competitor Analysis: Conducted a thorough analysis to identify market opportunities.

  3. Recommendations: Provided insights to enhance TikTok and Instagram engagement.

  4. Collaboration Ideas: Proposed valuable partnerships to expand reach and impact.

  5. Structured Content Timeline: Presented a well-organised timeline for upcoming content.

Additional Efforts:

  • Grand Opening Promotion: Actively promoted The Dog Stop's grand opening through traditional media, flyers, and various channels.

  • Community Engagement: Fostered community engagement by leveraging both traditional and digital marketing avenues.

  • Strategic Partnerships: Explored strategic partnerships to enhance visibility and outreach.

Benefits from The Link Agency and The Dog Stop Partnership 

In summary, the teamwork between Link students and The Dog Stop® not only made the grand opening successful but also helped The Dog Stop® grow and connect with the community. The students learned a lot and showed how what they learned in school can make a real business better. It's a win-win for both The Dog Stop® and the students, making things better for everyone.