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PhD opportunities in the Birmingham City Business School

There are currently both funded and self-funded PhD opportunities in the following areas. For further information, contact the named staff below.

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Funded PhD Opportunities

The Business School is seeking to recruit a new cohort to undertake research in a number of key areas. The funding consists of a tax-free stipend paid monthly and has a current value of £15,009 per annum. The bursary is renewable annually for up to 36 months in total, subject to you making satisfactory progression within your PhD research.

Successful applicants for our funded PhD studentships will receive a tax-free research stipend that tracks UK Research Council rates (currently £15,009) and a fee waiver to the value of Home / EU student PhD fees (currently £4,327). 

The closing date for applications is 23.59 on Thursday 31 October 2019

You can find further details on studying for a PhD and details of how to apply here. To apply, please click on the ‘How to Apply’ tab and quote the Reference Number and Title on your Research Proposal.

Exploring the Biological Foundations of Leadership Perceptions

School: BLSS & HELS

Reference Number:  2

Supervisory Team: Prof. Alexandros Psychogios, Dr. Loukia Tsaprouni and Prof. Maxine Lintern 

The majority of studies developed to investigate leadership perceptions have approached the phenomenon from a (social)psychological perspective. There are far less studies attempting to explore biological differences regarding our perceptions of leadership. Yet, we do know that individual differences in accepting leaders do exist. Hence, the question arises whether there are any specific biological factors that also govern these.

A preliminary experiment is setup to verify the previously found association between testosterone and leader preference, using saliva samples of participants. Due to some existing related research we focus on examining a possible interaction between testosterone and cortisol and its impact on leadership preference.

The experimental task is setup to induce stress (i.e. increase of endogenous cortisol) as well as competition between participants (i.e. increase of endogenous testosterone). Doing so allows us not only to validate previous cross-sectional findings, but also test whether an increase in these two hormones modifies individuals’ perception and preference of leaders.

Results impact our understanding of the biological nature of temperament and its influence on human perception.

Download Full Proposal PDF

Contact information: Prof. Alexandros Psychogios


Tel: 0121 331 4394

Self-Funded PhD Opportunities

Sustainable value creation: A case study approach to mutualistic-local ownership business models

Reference Number: 2/18 Business

Supervisory TeamDr Scott Lichtenstein, Dr Paul Aitken and Eleni Papagiannaki

The main aim of the PhD is to explore organisational forms that fuse employee, local and or community ownership structure with the means of production.  The objective of this research is to catalogue the different legal/structural organisational forms created to allow employees and communities to have an equity stake in assets/the means of production, and using the case study methodology, to carry out cross-cultural, cross-sectoral case studies to explore in what ways this has made a difference in organisational outcomes and behaviour.

The outcomes will be a PhD thesis that will produce rigorous case studies as well as insight into how organisations can close the structural gap between employee/community ownership and the means of production.  It is envisaged this project will generate interest in this area of study and provide the seed for a centre devoted to mutualism-localism.

Download Full Proposal PDF

Contact information: Dr Scott Lichtenstein


Tel: 0121 331 6941

Crowdfunding: Determinants of Successful Campaigns

Reference Number: 9

Supervisory TeamDr. Anton Miglo, Dr. Bruce Philp and Dr. Xiehua Ji

This study aims to analyse the latest developments in crowdfunding that became very popular among entrepreneurial firms in recent years. A particular focus will be on the role of the crowdfunding type choice and the choice of crowdfunding platform. The thesis will consist of three essays. One essay will be theoretical, one empirical and the third one will depend on the student development as a researcher. The supervisory team will be led by Dr. Anton Miglo. He has experience in supervising post-graduate students in the area of crowdfunding. His research interest and publications are directly related to this topic.

Business PhD - Crowdfunding: Determinants of Successful Campaigns

Contact information: Dr Anton Miglo


Tel: 0121 331 6264