Entrepreneurial Finance

Research under the theme of Entrepreneurial Finance Research Group (EFRG) seeks to improve understanding, practice and innovation employed by banks and government institutions to support SMEs in developed and emerging economies.

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Enterprise and finance has been central to applied research within Birmingham City University since 1993 that has informed policy and practice nationally within the UK and internationally. Entrepreneurial Finance Research Group promotes vibrant contemporary research activity nationally and internationally to cater for an ever changing business and institutional environment. The group has successful track record of research on ethnic minority finance, micro and agricultural finance that have been published within peer reviewed international ranked journals and conferences. The group aspires to promote cutting edge knowledge to support entrepreneurial businesses, and the research addresses the issues and challenges of access to finance for small and medium size enterprises within the UK and internationally.  

The Entrepreneurial Finance Research Group facilitates and promotes interaction between key stakeholders through workshops and conferences. It has held, in collaboration with ISBE (Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship) Special Interest Group a number of seminars over the last three years and it has initiated conferences internationally to provide valuable opportunities for dissemination of research. The Entrepreneurial Finance research  Group works with colleagues within the Birmingham City University and institutions in the UK and internationally who share a common interest and vision.

Research areas

  • Financing for SMEs
  • Microfinance
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Prosperity and economic growth

Staff working in this group