Business Growth Diagnostic

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SME growth is integral to successful regional economies, local communities, and entrepreneurs. Only a limited number of SMEs however actively pursue growth.

Most firms are constrained by factors including employee skills, finance, innovation, and strategic planning. For SMEs to address these obstacles, Mark Gilman at CEIG developed Promoting Sustainable Performance (PSP), a diagnostic focused on helping SMEs grow quicker, work better, and perform more competitively.

SMEs in the West Midlands are invited to participate in PSP. This is an intensive analysis enhancing our insight into SME growth. More importantly, it supports you and your business directly. By participating, you will benefit from;

  • An opportunity to reflect critically on your business
  • Access to a diagnostic analysis on business growth practice
  • Opportunity to participate in further intensive research with CEIG to aid your growth

PSP has successfully supported SME development in Kent and Calgary, Canada. Previous participants saw benefits of increased revenue and employment following involvement. It also helped improve how firms manage relationships and networks and develop practices to branch into new markets.

PSP is open to SMEs based in the West Midlands, regardless of age or sector. Participating firms must have between 5 and 249 employees. All data collected is treated confidentially in accordance with data protection standards.

To complete the PSP diagnostic, please visit the follow this link: BCU Promoting Sustainable Performance