Dr Hafiz Muhammad Usman Rana

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Programme Director for BSc Business Finance

Birmingham City Business School

Dr Hafiz Muhammad Usman Rana is a Director of the Business Finance Programme at Birmingham City University. He has oversight responsibility for the day-to-day delivery of a Business Finance programme. He also advocates for the course and fosters a sense of student community and 'belonging'. He collaborates with academic colleagues, professional services teams, and students to offer an excellent student learning experience. He has led and taught modules within HE institutions in the UK and Pakistan over the last eight years. He teaches Finance to Undergraduate and Postgraduate students in the Department of Finance and Economics (FE).

Before joining Birmingham City Business School, Dr Rana spent two years as a Financial Analyst for S&P Global, a large US-based financial company that has equipped him to relate theory with practice when teaching.
Besides, his research has been acknowledged externally by the Board of Directors of International Precious Metals Institute, Inc USA (IPMI) and awarded a certificate of achievement. He is also a Research Development member - of the Centre for Applied Finance and Economics (CAFE) at Birmingham City University and seminar convenor for the upcoming working paper series.

In addition to his work at BCU, Dr Rana regularly contributes articles to the leading newspapers in Pakistan, such as DAWN, The News, and the Express Tribune. In these publications, he offers policy solutions to the government of Pakistan on Pakistan's economy.

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