Postgraduate Open day 2016

Birmingham City Business School - Built on Business

Curzon Building We offer a wide range of career-enhancing Master’s degrees at Birmingham City Business School which are designed to take you to the next level of expertise in your chosen area, or break you into a new field (for example, through one of our conversion courses).

From our innovative online MBA degree to our professionally accredited Master’s degrees in Management, we give you the specialist skills and practice-oriented theory for a successful career.

Why us?

  • Our Master’s degrees give you the opportunity to develop your career options by either specialising in your existing subject or converting to a new subject area.

  • Our Master’s degrees are practice-based and knowledge applied, focused on enhancing your employability.

  • Our postgraduate degrees are international and interdisciplinary in breadth.

  • We offer you the opportunity of work experience; for example, through internships, live case studies and consultancy projects.

  • Many of our programmes offer professional accreditation.

  • Our Master’s degrees are delivered by both practice-based and research focused staff to ensure your curriculum is up-to-date and relevant for our future needs.

  • Our Master’s degrees equip successful graduates with advanced intellectual and practical skills that are highly valued by employers.

  • Our Master’s degrees develop the research skills valued by employers and provide you with the opportunity to carry on to undertake a Ph.D. or other research qualification.

  • We allow students to study in ways that suit them, combining online, on-campus and work based learning for many degrees.

  • Our School offers an excellent environment to allow you to excel in your studies and develop your future career.