What jobs can you get with a Business or Management degree?

Business and Management graduates have skills that can be useful in hundreds of jobs. Here are just a few of the career path options that could be open to you.

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Why not start with the obvious! Business Management degrees are designed to give you the tools to lead and motivate the colleagues you work with. Every business in the world operates on some level of management hierarchy, meaning there are nearly endless opportunities for people looking to become a manager.

You may not necessarily start your career with a managerial role straight away, but this allows you time to specialise in other areas – marketing, human resources, manufacturing, and so on – before management opportunities arise, adding additional skills to the ones you obtained during your studies.

Business and Management Courses



If Business Management degrees aim to give students the skills needed to lead individuals, Business degrees take a slightly more broad approach, aiming to give you the skills needed to start a business from scratch. This naturally leads graduates down the career path of an entrepreneur.

Having good knowledge of all aspects of a business (accounting, finance, marketing, etc.), entrepreneurs are willing to back themselves and their ideas to stand as an independent business. This allows a much higher degree of control over the day-to-day business decisions, something not typically found in corporate jobs.

Business Analyst

Trying to stay on top of all aspects of modern corporations can be difficult. CEOs need people who can analyse every level of their businesses in order to inform their decision making. That is where a business analyst comes in.

A business analyst examines the internal workings of a business, looking for ways in which operations can be improved, or perhaps identifying which departments are over-performing. They may also be brought in on individual projects to look into their viability. Either way, the job is ideal for those adept at analysing data and providing solutions to problems.

Business Advisor

Later on in your career, once you’ve gained experience at several levels of business, moving into an advisory capacity is a great way to utilise the knowledge and skill you have accumulated. Independent business advisors are brought in by organisations to look at how operations can be improved. Bringing in outside opinion on ongoing issues can help shed new light on them. Business advisors can also be invaluable to those looking to start a business for the first time.  

Management Consultant

Similar in some ways to a business advisor, a management consultant is brought in to help coach a business’s managers to help them improve on an individual basis. The theories behind what makes a good manager are changing all the time, and a lot of people who find themselves in management roles won’t have a Business Management degree. Management consultants are brought in to get everyone up to speed, so a business can run smoothly from top to bottom.

Interested in any of these career paths? Our wide range of Business and Management degrees can help you on your journey to success.

Business and Management Courses

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