What can you do with a Marketing degree?

The world of marketing continues to snowball, offering many different career opportunities for those with a marketing degree. This degree can open doors to limitless industries such as fashion, music, finance and many more, allowing you to apply your skills in creative and impactful ways.

Here are some exciting career paths you can pursue with a marketing degree:

Influencer Marketing Coordinator: With the rise of influencers on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, influencer marketing has created new job opportunities. An influencer marketing coordinator's job role would consist of collaborating with social media influencers to promote products and services. A big part of this role is to build relationships with influencers and understand social media trends and different audiences. A great advantage of this role can involve you meeting and working with your favourite influencers.

Brand Manager: Do you like being creative and managing different projects? Then a brand manager might be the perfect role for you! Brand managers focus on maintaining and improving a brand’s image, ensuring everything is consistent across all marketing channels. They create strategies and creative ways to position the brand in the market and meet the consumer's needs in a unique way to make their brand stand out. 

Public Relations Specialist: Now more than ever we see the importance of managing a company's public image and communication strategy. Ever seen a company have a mega scandal and it just keeps getting worse? Well, a public relations specialist would be responsible for improving this situation, they ensure that the company maintains a positive relationship with the public and the media. A necessary skill for this job is strong communication and the ability to craft compelling narratives.

Marketing Analyst: Interested in analysing data and figures? Then a marketing analyst may be a perfect role for you! They use analytics tools to track consumer behaviour, measure campaign effectiveness, and optimise marketing efforts. Data can inform many decisions within a company and this job is incredibly valuable in today's job market.

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Additional Career Pathways

Project Manager: Similar to marketing managers, project managers are responsible for planning and managing projects. If you have a degree in marketing you probably have an understanding of what it's like to work on a variety of marketing and advertising projects. Because of this, you would have gained both organisational and time management skills which could make you the perfect candidate to be a project manager. 

Product Manager: Would you like to work in a more consumer-focused role? Then you may enjoy being a product manager. Product managers help develop products that meet the needs of consumers. They manage all aspects of the product development life cycle from idea to product. If you have a marketing degree you are most likely familiar with pricing, promoting and designing, these skills will help you greatly in this job role. Product managers often need a comprehensive understanding of the user experience and as a marketer, you may already have some similar skills to make you a great match.

In conclusion, a marketing degree in this day and age is a gateway to various career paths. Whether you lean towards any of the career paths listed above or find a career more suited to you, the possibilities are vast and endless. With the right skills and a passion for creativity, you are well-equipped to make a significant impact in the ever-evolving world of marketing and business.

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