What can you do with an Accounting, Finance or Economics degree?

The business world runs on numbers, this is where accounting, finance and economics come in. These three form the backbones of business, offering an exciting career path for those with the right skills.


Do you think accounting is just about crunching numbers? Think again! An accounting degree unlocks a world of possibilities, from the classic auditing role to forensic accounting.

Here are a few careers an accounting degree can prepare you for:

  • Accountant: Manage financial records, prepare tax returns, and provide audit services.
  • Tax Advisor: Specialises in tax planning, compliance, and strategy for individuals and businesses.
  • Financial Planning: Guiding individuals and businesses towards financial prosperity by creating personalised plans and managing investments.
  • Business Consulting: Becoming a problem-solver for companies, helping them streamline operations, boost their financial health, and develop winning strategies.
  • Entrepreneurship: Using your financial superpowers to launch and run your successful business venture.


With a degree in finance careers in investment banking, corporate finance, financial planning, and wealth management are all on the table. You'll be the go-to person for managing investments, assessing risks, and crafting brilliant capital allocation strategies for businesses and individuals.

Here are some career paths you might not have considered:

  • Financial Analyst: Evaluate financial data to guide investment decisions and business strategies.
  • Portfolio Manager: Manage investment portfolios for individuals or institutions to maximise returns.
  • Risk Management: Become a financial firefighter, recognise and mitigate risks that could put a company's finances in trouble.
  • Real Estate Analysis: Transform into a property investment expert, using your financial knowledge to analyse market trends and make informed decisions.
  • Data Analyst: Combine your accounting skills with data analysis to unlock valuable insights from financial data, empowering businesses to make smarter decisions.

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Economics graduates are the stars of examining trends, conducting research, and shaping the economic landscape. Careers in financial consulting, market research analysis, and public policy are all within your grasp as an economics graduate. You'll be the mastermind behind crucial decisions for governments, international organisations, and businesses.

Here are some exciting career paths you could take:

  • Policy Analyst: Research and study data to create policies that manage economic issues.
  • Actuary: Use statistical and mathematical processes to evaluate the risk in insurance, finance, and other industries.
  • Economic Research Analyst: Become a data detective, interpreting economic trends and predicting future economic conditions to inform smart business and policy choices.
  • Management Accountant: Step inside organisations to analyse financial information, craft strategic budgets, and support the company's grand plans.

The choice is yours! Whether you're drawn to the world of accounting, finance, or economics, each field offers a unique opportunity to showcase your analytical skills, make strategic decisions, and play a vital role in the financial well-being and growth of organisations. So, dive in, explore, and discover your dream job in the fascinating world of numbers!

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