Dr Hien Nguyen

Dr Hien Nguyen has multiple years’ experience working in the industry and more than 10 years’ experience working in the higher education sector. She has taught at a variety of national and international higher education institutions in Vietnam, New Zealand, and the UK. Prior to her academic career, she used to work as a practitioner in different roles such as project manager and management consultant. In her academic career, she has been teaching students at both undergraduate and post graduate levels. She has also taught apprenticeship and executive students.

Dr Hien Nguyen has a wide range of experience participating in various consultancy and research projects on issues including strategic management, social impact measurement and sustainable tourism.

Dr Hien Nguyen was the Aspiring Career Editor for Tourism Management Perspectives journal and has been a reviewer for multiple high-ranked journals and international conferences. She is currently a member of the UKRI Talent Peer Review College.

Areas of Expertise
Postgraduate Supervision