Dr Eleni Papagiannaki

Elena has completed her Phd in Operational Research at Aston University. Her Phd applied parametric (Statistical Analysis) and Non-Parametric Approaches (Data Envelopment Analysis) in measuring working time’s contribution. Her special focus is on the contribution of unpaid overtime in the UK industries’ output.

Prior to joining Birmingham City University, Elena has been also working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at Aston University teaching the workshops of Business Analytics. She has also been teaching abroad as a Tutor in Economics in private supportive schools for adult students in Greece.

Prior to that, she has also been working as a Research Assistant at the Hellenic Parliament (Greek).

Her work with industry includes different posts in the Real Estate sector (Business Planning Assistant) and in Food and Accommodation industry, especially in touristic enterprises located in different parts of Greece.

Her approach to research and teaching includes different schools of thought (neoclassical, Marxian, Keynesian, radical, feminist etc), as she gives particular importance in socio & politico-economics. 

Areas of Expertise
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