Maker Monday

A monthly event that brings businesses, technologists and creatives together

Developing game-changing ideas through open innovation and collaboration

Ever wanted to create and develop the latest Maker Monday slider 1innovative art and technology applications, while collaborating with media experts and researchers at the same time?

Maker Monday is that opportunity, designed as a monthly event focused on combining the expertise of individuals in both arts and technology in a collaborative space. 

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When and where?

Maker Monday is held on the last Monday of every month in a collaborative space in Birmingham. We currently meet at 1000 trades in the Jewellery Quarter.

Forge new collaborative partnerships - There’s also a chance to hear from our Maker Monday project leaders, who are open to collaboration opportunities. You may also be able to share project ideas of your own and get their input.

Oh, and there’s one thing we forgot to mention…It’s fuelled by beer and pizza. What’s not to like about beer and pizza?

ACE Maker Monday Commissioning Project

Maker Monday Commissioning Project is a collaborative arts and digital technology project led by Birmingham City University, working with four commissioned artists to offer them a greater opportunity to inspire local audiences.

The Maker Monday Commissioning Project is supported using public funding from Arts Council England and focuses on helping the artists further develop and strengthen the digital artistry within their work.

The four commissioned artists are:

Sonia Sabri - Sonia Sabri Company: Sonia, an artistic director, has explored the ideas around female existence in 'Nu Body', a new dance and digital solo production.

Kate Spence - Home For Waifs And Strays: Kate has developed an interactive installation based on the Magdalene Asylums using digital theatre to tell the story of a young woman's experience.

Ben Neal - Psicon Lab, Swoomptheeng:  Ben has created a series of innovative MIDI instruments made of wood to be used in dance music performance to support inclusiveness and participation.

Leon Trimble - Chromatouch: Leon has experimented with chip based synthesisers and face tracking software to create a novel instrument that combine both music and movement in an innovative way.

Maker Monday events have already seen successful collaborations, including the 'Internet of Clothes project', which sees wardrobes fitted with Wi-Fi that enables unused attired to be auctioned online or donated to charity.

For more information you can access our ACE Maker Monday project infoand project update sheetor enquire below.

Interested in creating game changing art and technology applications?

Sign up directly for Maker Monday on our Eventbrite page  or for more information please send us an enquiry selecting 'Maker Monday'. A member of our Events Team will then contact you.