West Midlands Combined Universities

WMCU is a formal and legal partnership between Birmingham City University, Coventry University and the University of Wolverhampton – three leading West Midlands universities who are joining forces to meet the demands of devolution across the region.

Our vision is for the three universities to share assets and expertise to build on the impressive established strengths we already have individually to collectively make an economic impact of a scale and reach previously unseen across the region.

Who are the beneficiaries?

Ultimately, the beneficiaries will be the residents and businesses of the West Midlands through improving skills, job opportunities and productivity, which in turn raises earnings and opportunities.

The partnership is being established to increase our collective impact in addressing some of the biggest challenges the region faces – if we get this right, which we will, the impact will be transformative.

With a combined turnover of £600m, a collective staff base of 8,500 and 70,000 students between us we intend to:
  • fill predicted nursing shortages in the region by offering flexible, region-wide courses tailored to WMCA skills needs, and with greater access to facilities;
  • close the skills gap in the automotive sector by working with local businesses to provide higher apprenticeships alongside existing degree programmes;
  • retrain current industry sectors with new skills and in new technologies, as well as inspire young people to follow careers in these areas;
  • encourage cross-pollination of knowledge and ideas through applied research collaborations to bring forward innovations in priority sectors;
  • as the partnership develops, we could also create brand new joint offerings, such as doctoral hubs or regional training programmes

To learn more, please visit: http://www.wmcu.ac.uk/