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Dr Clinton Bantock or
Stephen Willson
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Multi-Site Organisation

Helping multi-site organisations develop their area and general managers to deliver improved organisational performance through the delivery of Postgraduate Diploma and Master's programmes.

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For more information contact:
Andrew Hollyhead
T: +44 (0)121 331 5623

Internal Audit, Governance and Risk Management

Cutting-edge practice in audit, governance and risk management with worldwide partnerships with academics and business professionals in internal audit, governance and risk management research.

Expertise to assist clients in relation to the enhancement of their internal audit, risk management and governance functions, through facilitation and the provision of advice in relation to current thinking and best practice.

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Leading UK Training Centre

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International Academy of Enterprise Systems Innovation

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Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

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New Product Development

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Design-Enhanced Manufacturing Process

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Internship at the BBC

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RNLI New Product Design

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Triumph Accessories

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Sky Internship

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