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Maker Monday is a monthly event that brings creatives, businesses, artists and technologists together to develop ideas through open innovation and collaboration. It's held on the last Monday in Birmingham.

Through working together, you can engage with researchers and media experts to create a legacy of innovative art and technology applications, developing skills and combining technology with the arts and creative thinking to solve problems.

There’s also the chance to hear from project leaders who you might like to collaborate with. You might even have come up with a project idea of your own - particularly with the help of beer and pizza! 

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Monday 27 February 2017
For more information about Maker Monday, please contact:

Featured project: Living archive

Artist Giada Totaro came to Maker Monday looking for collaborators to work on her project “Living Archive”, an interactive holographic display that can be used in art galleries and museums to display artefacts.

Living Archive would allow visitors to see a virtual sculpture floating in mid-air in front of them, the work increasing in size as they approach. As they place their hands near the sculpture, it becomes interactive, allowing visitors to manipulate the work and explore its features.

Living archive

At Maker Monday, Totaro was assisted by experts from a range of backgrounds including experts in technical support, coding, 3D modelling and physical construction. Living Archive was constructed and debuted at Birmingham Open Media, where it was warmly received. It has also been recognised by Leap Motion, which included it in the Leap Motion 3D jam and provided free equipment to support the project’s development.

ACE Maker Monday Commissioning Project 2016-17

Maker Monday is supported by Arts Council England. Read more about the Commissioning Project and the successful artists below.