Events and outreach

The University Events Team, led by Kelly O'Neil, plan, manage and successfully execute a range of events from 10 to over 250 delegates to stakeholders and businesses across a number of sectors.

Please be advised, The University Events Team handle bookings that meet the following criteria on behalf of the University:

  • VCO onsite events/meetings
  • Out of hours meetings/events
  • Commercial & faculty onsite meetings/events
  • VIP meetings /events
  • Atrium bookings
  • Boardroom bookings

Our team

Left to right:

Serena Chander, Events Administrator

Lucy Arkell-Chance, Events Officer

Kelly O’Neil, University Events Manager

Claire Dobson, Deputy Events Manager 

Some examples of events include:

Services include:

  • Event Logistics & Soft Services (i.e. room set ups, movement of resources, cleaning, catering)
  • Invitation Management
  • Managing a Timetable of Events across all campuses
  • Marketing and Social Media Support
  • Project Planning
  • Representing the University at industry shows
  • Venue Spotting and Booking

Are you planning an event and need help co-ordinating this? Please contact The University Events Team on 0121 300 4364 and we will be happy to help.

If you have an event coming up this academic year, please email and we will include this in the calendar

Events Calendar

The University Events Team have a busy calendar of events, including conferences, networking opportunities and skill-based masterclasses. 

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